Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sinful Swatches and Pink Tips

Good morning glittery polish lovers! Today I bring you swatches of the Sinful Colors polishes I picked up at the sale. Regarding the drama, things seem to be taken care of, so for now, I'm keeping and swatching these polishes! First up is Bali Mist, which seemed like a pinky, purply, silver shifty color in the bottle. On my nails it was an extremely pale pink with a hint of light purple shift and silver micro glitter. After 3 coats, this was the opacity it had. A bit too sheer for my taste and not enough color shift on my nails.

Next up was Let Me Go, which seemed to be a purple, blue, green, and silver shift in the bottle. Also with 3 coats of this sheer polish, it seemed more silver and blue at points than blue and purple, and this also had silver micro glitter. 

Last but not least, I have a polish coveted by many (and that Girly Bits seems to have a dupe of) called Cinderella, an icy blue with pink and gold micro glitter. It's glorious! This one is a jelly and is also a bit sheer. I used 3 coats for this pic, but you can use 2 like I did on my other hand! The glitter and colors were beautiful! 

I wanted to jazz up my mani a bit, so I tried my hand at free hand glitter tips using a pink glittery polish to match the micro glitter in Cinderella. I finally used the other Mrs. P's Nail Potions I had, and used 2 coats of No Boys Allowed for the tips. It's a sheer pink base with silver, pink, and red bar, micro, and dot glitters! Marvelous! When doing tips, don't let too much polish on the brush, or you'l get gloppy tips!  This is topped with Seche Vite and done. Hope you love the swatches and the flair!


  1. Cinderella is gorgeous. I was finally able to get it through a swap. I love it!

    1. I know right? And it was the last one :) It'll be great to wear alone during the school year when I don't have time for nail art.