Monday, August 6, 2012

Tristam With a Bit of Glamour

Good evening glittery polish lovers! I finally got my A England in the mail, so while at a friend's house, I finally decided to put it on my nails! I had to use a little something from Rockstar Nails too, so here we go!  1 coat of Tristam, 1 coat of Glamour, and Seche Vite on top!

So first I started out with A England's Tristam, my first of the indie brand. I got it at the 5 pound sale, and immediately loved it! It looks blue in the bottle, and it changes from dark blue to blue purple in different light. Also, it seems to have a slight holo effect with all its gold, silver, and blue glitters!  This will def be a polish I can wear on it's own.

Now Rockstar Nails in Glamour was my first of this indie brand also. I got it at her 600 Facebook Likes sale. I was surprised! Even with all the glitter, the formula was thin and easy to work with! I'm a sucker for star glitter, so this was great! Red stars, black hexes, and silver dot glitters! Love love love! I didn't really have to fish for the stars either. I love this glitter! I only need one coat as well. I give this overall mani a 8/10 for glitter and a 9/10 for application. This was a great combo, and I got so many compliments!


  1. Gorgeous! I got Tristam and haven't tried it yet, but the color looks amazing!

  2. very cute!