Sunday, May 12, 2013

For Mother's Day...The Madonna Collection

Happy Glittery Mother's Day to all those mothers and mother figures out there! I waited until today to post this because it only seemed fitting...the Madonna Collection from SquareHue this month..

This month's box contained 3 lovely pinks. While everyone may not have liked it, it went along with the Mother's Day theme and I personally like pink!

Let's start with my fave, Day Glow, in 2 coats. It dries to a rubbery semi-matte finish. I love this color! NO FORMULA ISSUES, unlike my other SquareHues. The color was a darker pink, almost magenta, than the hot pink in the bottle. Red in some lights. Lovely color, finish, and dry time!

Next is 2 coats of Mother's Pearl, a frosty shimmery darker pink with lighter pink undertones. I loved the color, but the formula bubbled a bit for me on my nails, and it showed the brushstrokes. Top coat didn't help either. Ah well. 

Last is my least favorite, 3 coats of Happy Creme, a light bubblegum pink. I had the same issues with formula as with my Bloom Collection, and it was extremely streaky. It was shiny, which was nice, but the formula bugged me. Hoping next month is better! After all, look what the teaser is!

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